Victoria Granof

Whether you find her draping curled octopus tentacles over the edge of a stockpot for Anthony Bourdain’s latest cookbook, or crafting a tribal headpiece out of gold flecked cotton candy for an indie food magazine, or working her way through gallons of ice cream to create the perfectly imperfect scoop for one of her corporate clients, Victoria Granof is as much an artiste as a food stylist. With a background in visual arts and classical culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu, Victoria is known for her “beauty is where you find it” sensibility and provocative images that stay on brand while going off on a tangent. Her keen eye and fearless approach have earned her accolades among her peers and loyal clients across all platforms of food media.

Victoria launched her career with a decade-long collaboration with the late Irving Penn and has since teamed up with some of the world’s best-known photographers and directors, as well as many at the beginning of their careers, to create arresting and emotionally-charged imagery.

When not on set, Victoria can be found trawling through flea markets and thrift shops for inspiration – and 30’s French dinnerware – or at home in Brooklyn, teaching her son Theo the proper pronunciation of the word bruschetta. (“Broo-SKET-tah”).